3 Ways To Get A Free (or Almost Free) Piano

If you currently have a digital keyboard, and are curious about trying an acoustic piano, but feeling apprehensive about the cost, you may be surprised at how many options there are for getting a piano for nearly – or completely –  free! Please note, these options are primarily for folks in the USA, Canada, and the U.K.

1. Thrift Store

Hello, my name is Hugh, and I am a thrift store junkie! I mainly hunt thrift stores for kitchen utensils these days, but I’ve been amazed to find some pretty good pianos from time to time. Here’s one I saw just a few days ago at one of the largest Impact thrift stores in Bucks County, Pennsylvania:

Thrift store piano

I played it through for a bit and was surprised at the good quality of the instrument. All the keys seemed to work and were actually reasonably in tune! And here’s a picture of the $599 price tag. Not bad at all for a piano on a budget.

20150609 111450 thumb

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Original Source: 3 Ways To Get A Free (or Almost Free) Piano


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