Learning Piano Online with Christie Peery – Student Perspective

learning piano online with christie peery

I started taking piano lessons from an in-person piano teacher when I was in late elementary with my younger sister. After about two years of in-person lessons, my parents seriously considered having us stop. We loved our teacher, but the expense of the lessons became a bit costly. Also, considering that someday my other younger siblings would want learn piano, my parents knew we couldn’t possibly afford to continue in-person lessons for all of us children.

Around the time when my parents were deciding whether or not to pull us from our lessons, we heard from a friend about the Online Classical Piano School with Christie Peery. Their daughter was taking piano lessons online using the unique Video Exchange Learning® system and really enjoying them. My sister and I joined ArtistWorks six months later. My parents are very pleased with their decision, and it’s been over four years now. 

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Original Source: Learning Piano Online with Christie Peery – Student Perspective


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