Fall 2015 Newsletter and updates

Hello Fellow Guitarists!

Back off the road from great gigs all over the world, I am checking in with the greatest guitar hang ANYWHERE – Artistworks!!

Hope all of you are doing well and guitaring to your heart’s content.

I recently finished a tour of Asia with Fourplay where we debuted music from the 25th Anniversary CD “Silver”. We had many great shows, of which one highlight was The Tokyo Jazz Festival, where we were joined by original member Lee Ritenour, and my immediate predecessor in the band Larry Carlton. What a thrill to sheare the stage with these two masters!

Here’s a pic of us at the rehearsal:

Lee Larry & Me


I also want to share info about upcoming gigs and activities, so here is my latest newsletter with a link to all the shows.

I hope to see some of you if we come to your area, and of course looking forward to your VE’s!

Seeya ’round campus!


Hello all, 


It’s hard to believe it’s almost October, and there is already a slight chill in the air in New York. Amazing… 

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Original Source: Fall 2015 Newsletter and updates


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