New Year; New Habits!

Dear folks,

   Happy 2016!  It’s a new year and with it comes a chance to establish some new habits.  Clear out the clutter and focus on some good technique, good timing, and especially re-thinking your role as a bass player. One of the best things you can do as a bass player is support, so play with that in mind this year.  Ask yourself, what can I do to make what’s happening sound better?  

 MY new habit for 2016 will be to stay up on Monthly welcome messages!   If you’ve just joined us, Welcome!  If you’ve been here awhile, thank you for being here.  And send me a video either way- it’s the best way for me to help you, and I love hearing from you.

And I’m very excited to tell you that Paul Kowert, of Punch Brothers fame, has added 23 new lessons to the Advanced Section of the Bluegrass School!  He’s amazing, and there’s a lot there for you- so go take a look!

A new year- Let’s make it count!



Original Source: New Year; New Habits!


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