This weekend’s events!


Hoping u all have had a nice start of the new year! Once again a warm welcome to all the new students. My year started off nicely with 3 songs placed on the new SHINee album in Japan (Wishful Thinking, Sweet Surprise & Sing your Song) which did Nr 1 over there on the weekly chart. On the first two songs I also play quite a lot of guitar including jazzy solos 🙂

Currently I’m up in Aspen, Colorado doing a “GUITAR SUMMIT-Trio Concert ” together with my friends Kruno Spisic and Ted Gottsegen. We’ll be performing 2 shows tonight and tomorrow night. This is one of a few selected performances I will do this year, will be a lot of fun!

So check it out if u’re nearby, it will be a mix of standards, django-songs and some of my own pop compositions.

Here’s a quick interview the Aspen Times did with me over the phone the other day:

Regards Andreas

Original Source: This weekend’s events!


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