Finding a Place to Practice

Finding a good place to practice is always a challenge. I love playing the same thing over and over until I get it right. But not everyone likes to listen to the process. Actually the first good teenage band that I formed was called, “The Atomic Basement Band.” Nothing about us was really atomic. But everything about us was basement. We spent countless hours cranking up our amps and pounding the drums in a windowless, cinderblock cell. That is where my hands learned to handle a firebreathing guitar sound, and to control the noises and feedback that come along with it. Here at the Artistworks Online Rock School, I’ve built a course that gets those techniques into your hands, without having to annoy your neighbors, suffer hearing loss, or buying unnecessary noise gates, mechanical nut-muting clamps, or the expensive time of a recording engineer to edit out all the blunders. Thanks to everyone for being here, and sounding better all the time! 


P.S. That photo in my “sparkly enough” blog started giving me the creeps. So I had to hurry up and write another!

Original Source: Finding a Place to Practice


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