New single in South Korea w Red Velvet

Hey all,

Happy to have co-written the new Red Velvet-single “One of these nights” together with Maria Marcus and Chanhee Hwang. The video has so far had more than 2 million You Tube views in just 48 hours after the release!

The song is also included on the mini album “The Velvet”, in four different versions: original version, piano version and 2 re-mixes. The album is currently Nr 1 on the daily Korean physical album chart and digitally made it to Nr 1 on Itunes in Singapore and Thailand.

The song is a rnb-style ballad with quite a few interesting transitions harmony wise, espacially going from the pre-chorus to the chorus. We wrote this @ SM Entertainment Studios in Seoul during July 2015.

I really like the cool visuals in this video, as the lyrics describes two lovers being far away from each other…not knowing when they’ll meet next time.

I hope u’ll like this song!

Regards Andreas

Original Source: New single in South Korea w Red Velvet


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