Spaceship One

I was going through some old photos, and I found these shots from the “Spaceship One” album cover photo session. The top photo is the one I used, but I decided to the crop the photo so my head wouldn’t be seen. Now you can see the uncropped version. The other two are examples of things that every rock photo session must have: 1. Staring into the camera, looking mean. 2. Jumping into the air. The guitar is a 60’s Ibanez hollowbody. I bought it on ebay, and it came with the wrong bridge, so it wasn’t playable without finding some rare parts. But it looked cool for the photos. 

And many thanks to Linus of Hollywood and Marco Minnemann who were both willing to wear matching space suits for the accompanying video. 

Rock and Roll!


Original Source: Spaceship One


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