Darol’s Wild&Crazy May; New CD!

The new recording…Buy this now!

As May arrives and the Berklee College semester ends, I’m saying “farewell” to a lot of great young players who are graduatiing. But the Artistworks Fiddle School continues 24/7: we are all constantly learning more about music all the time!

In the West…


I just completed a very fun tour of the Pacific Northwest with singer-songriter Emy Phelps, and managed to do some well-received workshops during that trip as well.

I also had the chance to sit in with some good friends and a sort of musical hero, Sean Watkins, Tristan Clarridge (interviewed on this site!) and the very cool Bill Frisell… in Seattle, of course. We played a bunch of bluegrass fiddle tunes…ha!

Now I’m working hard to finish a couple of composition commissions, one for violinist Regina Carter & cellist Patrice Jackson, and one for the incredible Rachel Barton Pine!

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Original Source: Darol’s Wild&Crazy May; New CD!


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