Interview with Tony Trischka & Peter Rowan Coming Soon

tony trischka peter rowan

Tony Trischka was in the ArtistWorks studio recently filming new banjo lessons and for some of them he was also joined by longtime friend and collaborator, the legendary Peter Rowan

There’s about 22 new lesson topics ranging from: tunes, techniques (more on hammer-ons and slides), modal study, picking and pick placement, banjo rolls including an exercise to practice “all roll combos” together as a warm up, a Stravinsky classical piece, useful licks, methods for expanding your solo/improv range, how to blend Scruggs & Melodic style playing to your advantage and more!

And if that wern’t enough, there’s also an exlusive interview section where they discuss all sorts of fun things (including some entertaining stories about his time with playing with Bill Monroe as a member of the iconic Bluegrass Boys). We’ll upload all the videos soon, in the meantime you can see a short clip of them recoding together in the studio which we broadcasted live from our Facebook page.

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Original Source: Interview with Tony Trischka & Peter Rowan Coming Soon


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