Darol’s Summer blog

Hello folks!
This has been a sad year for great musicians leaving us… but if you are reading this, you are still here, and we’re glad to have you!
I’ve got a quite intense summer planned out, which officially began last week, with the Berklee Global String Fling,

and a great concert right here in Cambridge, MA with the incredible Bruce Molsky.

Check out our two interviews and Bruce’s guest lesson here on the site, under +Music. This week it’s on to Rutherford Park for a Mr. Sun outdoor show in Fairfax, Virginia on July 8, and then a trip to Florida for my fellow Artistworks Professor Mike Block’s String Camp! On to Grey Fox, the Alaska Folk Festival in Fairbanks, Rockygrass, Augusta Heritage Festival, and Strings Without Boundaries in Seattle… the list goes on and on. For all the information    on where I’ll be this summer, check out my Calendar at darolanger.com.

Original Source: Darol’s Summer blog


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