Traveling Banjo

Hey Folks.  I want you to know that I’m leaving later today for a litttle over three weeks.  I’ll be home for about a day and a half in the middle of these travels and I’ll really be back home fully by August 6th.  It’s extremely rare that I’m gone this long, but it’s just working out that way.  I’m heading to Prague this evening to tour the Czech Republic with Druha Trava…..some of my favorite people in the world.  After that I’m doing the Rocky Grass Academy in Lyons, CO and playing the festival on that weekend with three different bands, including an ArtistWorks band and a set with Tim O’Brien.  I’ll go directly from there to the Swannanoah Gathering, just outside Asheville, NC.  So lots of great opportunities, and it means I’ll be checking in with you fine folks from the road, and though I’m planning to do some VEs while I’m away, I won’t be able to catch up with everyone so please be patient and I will respond with everyone when I return. 

In the meantime, I just sent out a bunch of tabs to AW today so they can upload some new lessons while I’m away, plus a segment or two of my interview/hang with the illustrious Peter Rowan.  So there’ll be some new activity while I’m away to keep you busy.  

Thanks again for your patience and I’ll be reporting back from the road.


Original Source: Traveling Banjo


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