Lick Of The Month!

Time for another lick of the month to add to your vocabulary!  This one is set over an F7 chord and is kind of a unique example of a very specific thing, something we talk about in our lessons if you’ve gotten that far.  Here’s the lick;  play it over an F in the root (or add in our F7 guide tones, A and Eb) and have a listen.  Pretty convoluted ine, with a lot of notes that are outside of an F7 scale.  See if you can figure out what’s going on with it;  sounds more or less like classic bebop, no?:



See it?  What the deal is with this month’s lick is that it’s made up of nothing but approach patterns, something that’s actually amazingly easy to do.  It starts out on a G, then the next 3 notes approach the Eb on beat 3 (this is our double-chromatic from above to chromatic to below app. pattern), the next 3 target the C (double chromatic from below to note from above), the next 3 target the A on beat 3 of bar 2 (chromatic from above to double-chromatic from below) and the next 3 notes target the F in bar 3 (chromatic from below to double-chromatic from above).  So we’ve used all 4 of our approach patterns to build a nice little curvy line without using any other material.  Have fun, pick some notes to target and create a line like this of your own!

Original Source: Lick Of The Month!


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