Traveling ‘Ukuleles!

Craig and I thought we’d give you all an update on some of our travels! It’s been quite a whirlwind this year. We have traveled all over the globe teaching and performing. What has made us so proud is meeting all of you on our travels! It’s so wonderful to be at a festival and have folks come up and say “I’m one of your students!!!”. Of course, we usually ask- “Wait- where are you VE’s?” to those we don’t recognize right away…. You know who you are! wink

MidWest Uke Camp

Earlier this year we were at the MidWest Uke Camp! If you’d like to look at Craig’s full album of the event, please click here.  Here are just two photos from the trip- but the first is our favorite! One of our students who came by to say “Hello”! 

Craig and I both had fabulous classes at this event (as you can see from above). AND to top it off, we get to go back NEXT YEAR- so those of you in the MidWest, come see us in Michigan in 2017!

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Original Source: Traveling ‘Ukuleles!


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