Another Nr 1 placement on the Global Album Chart

Hey all,

Hoping u’re having a nice month so far. On the latest Global Album Chart (a weekly chart rankning the most sold albums in the world) I contributed with songs on two albums at Nr 1 & Nr 4.

I co-wrote “Two To Tango” on Arashi’s album “Are U Happy”. This song was co-written during my trip to Japan in May this year together with Kevin Charge & Harajuku Kidz. On this song I’m also featured on acoustic guitar, doing a few solo lines in the style of Django Reinhardt. The album has continue to sell really great also after this chart was released and is currently up at around 750k physical copies sold.

I also co-wrote the song “One in a Million” on the new Twice-album “TwiceCoaster Lane 1”. Twice is currently the most popular girl group in Korea, reaching total sales of approx 200k physical copies.This song is a tribute to their loyal fans and I co-wrote it with the Thott Bros & Dani Senior. I’m playing acoustic guitar on this one, mainly rhythm & chords.

Make sure to check out the updated design/platform of this site coming in a few days. Keep swingin’!

Regards Andreas

Original Source: Another Nr 1 placement on the Global Album Chart


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