Dashboard Update: Shoutbox, Student Snapshot, and more

The Isley Brothers said it best: “Shout!”

As of this morning, we’ve made a few important changes to your Dashboard. Here’s what you need to know…

To make it easier to express yourself, and see the latest comments from your peers, we’ve moved the Shoutbox to the top of the page. This came as a result of some member feedback, which was much appreciated. You were right, much better this way!


We also updated the Left Side Navigation bar so that it no longer expands when you hover over it — it’s just simpler this way and we like that.

nav update

And last but not least, we made sure all the stats on your Student Snapshot are now accurate. You’ll see that below the Shoutbox — here’s what it includes:

  • Profile %  – this shows you the percentage of your profile you’ve completed 
  • Lessons % – the percentage of lessons and +Music content you’ve viewed
  • % of lessons completed – the amount of full lessons you’e watched within your school
  • Minutes Watched – the amount of time spent watching videos, including Video Exchanges
  • Exchanges Watched – the number of Video Exchanges you’ve viewed within your school
  • Exchanges Submitted – how many videos you’ve submitted to your teacher 

Student Snapshot

If you hover over the Lesson % you’ll see a list of the the most recent lesson pages you’ve visited. You can also find a link to the last lesson you watched and any badges you’ve received. Your Student Snapshot is a great way to track your time online here. Keep an eye on it! 

Thanks again to all of you who wrote in to give us your thoughts on the new design. Your feedback is important to us, and there’s a lot more cooking. In the meantime, feel free to reach out to us any time using the Customer Service link at the bottom of the page. 

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Original Source: Dashboard Update: Shoutbox, Student Snapshot, and more


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