New Ukulele Lessons Coming Soon

Good News: Craig and Sarah were in our studio recording new ukulele lessons recently! It’s almost been a year since we lanched their school and we were very excited to have them return to Napa, CA. 

Here’s some of what they covered in the new lessons, many of which were requested by students here:

  • Warm Up Exercises
  • The C-Scale: Basic Pattern & Variations
  • Rag Time Progression 
  • Rhythm Changes
  • Syncopated Rhythm
  • Double Picking
  • Alternating Thumb Patterns
  • Moveable Scale Shapes
  • Advanced Chord Melody
  • Chord Voicing
  • Double Hand Strum
  • String Bending  
  • 1-6-2-5 Alterations
  • Singing and Playing Together
  • Changing Strings

Plus new songs, lullabies and more! We broadcasted a sneak peek of the action on our Facebook page which you can enjoy here now if you missed it:

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Original Source: New Ukulele Lessons Coming Soon


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