Live at the Blue Note: ArtistWorks Jazz Allstars

artistworks jazz allstars at the blue note napa

Making their debut performance at the Blue Note Napa, we’re proud to introduce the ArtistWorks Jazz Allstars! Featuring Eric Marienthal on sax, George Whitty on keys, Nathan East on bass, and Peter Erskine on drums.

This was an incredibly rare lineup of ArtistWorks teachers and we were honored to film it for our students here. As a special treat, we also recorded a panel dicussion with them before the show started all about “How to Prepare for a Gig”. Find out how they prepared for this Blue Note gig as well as how to prepare for a gigs in general – very insightful stuff for any performer!  

We’ll be releasing more footage from this great show, but in meantime you can enjoy the first few performances we’ve added. Right now there’s “Renaissance Man” (written by George Whitty), “Puentes” (written by Chuck Loeb & Eric Marienthal), as well as “Hawaii Bathing Suite” (written by Peter Erskine), and “Last Minute Blues” (written by Chuck Loeb / Eric Marienthal). There’s also a classic Christmas tune in there since this was recorded in Decemeber. It’s all available in the Learn Area

Update: We just added two more songs, “Hipnotherapy” and “Goodbye Flash Superboy” – check it out 

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Original Source: Live at the Blue Note: ArtistWorks Jazz Allstars


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