New Ukulele Lessons Just Added

new ukulele lessons just added

We’re excited to release the next batch of new lessons that Craig and Sarah recorded recently in our studio! Here’s a list of what’s new in the Learn area:

For the Beginner section we have the basic version of a Ragtime progression. There will be more variations for the intermediate and advanced sections in upcoming lessons soon as well. Also added in the Beginner section is the Hawaiian classic “Haole Hula” which is another tune that Craig & Sarah will continue to build on with more advanced variations all the way up to advanced chord melody in upcoming lessons.

For the Intermediate section you’ll find a new version of “Lullaby” to continue building on the basic version, which is also now taught in Low G in the Beginner section.

And for you Advanced players, Sarah took the popular tune “In Your Hawaiian Way” (which also has a few other versions taught in the Intermediate section) and presented it as a beautiful chord melody.

Read on to read about what other lessons have been added recently!

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Original Source: New Ukulele Lessons Just Added


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