ArtistWorks Live: Talking Dobro with Andy Hall

In our latest episode of ArtistWorks Live, we were joined by our Dobro (and lap steel guitar) teacher Andy Hall. We talked about everything from how he got his start playing music (which includes a long-haired heavy metal phase we have picture proof of), touring with the Infamous Stringdusters (and how he finds time to keep up with his students), playing while singing, how to get a clean tone, and more. Plus there’s plenty of deep Dobro talk for the pickers, as well as some nice Dobro playing from Andy. He tells a great story about earning the good graces of Earl Scruggs (and getting invited to the coveted annual birthday jam).

It’s a lot of fun as always and hosted by ArtistWorks’ own Director of Operations, John Graves. We do these once a month live with one of our teachers and anyone with a 12 month membership can tune in live to ask questions. It’s always different because frankly, nothing is planed. We like to keep the conversation casual and see what kind of questions are asked in the comment box. You never know where things will go. Stay tuned for another one coming next month! 

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Original Source: ArtistWorks Live: Talking Dobro with Andy Hall


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