5 Fundamental Tips for Playing Blues Guitar

basic blues guitar tips

As you are developing your skills as a blues guitarist, you will at some point hit a plateau and feel that your progress has slowed or even stopped. This is perfectly normal while learning any instrument, so it’s important to develop some ways to work through the rut. Take it as an opportunity to re-think some common assumptions about what and how to practice – here are a few tips that are covered in various lessons from the Blues Guitar School by Keith Wyatt:

1. Swing is the Thing

Guitar players tend to rush right to the bright, shiny object, i.e. the solo, but to paraphrase Duke Ellington, your licks don’t mean a thing without that swing. Developing a confident rhythm feel, especially for the shuffle, is the foundation of everything else you do in blues, and expanding your rhythmic vocabulary is one of the best ways to re-charge your playing style.

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Original Source: 5 Fundamental Tips for Playing Blues Guitar


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