Refer Friends and Get Free Months at ArtistWorks!

Good News: we’re making it easier for you earn more time on your account here with our new and improved Refer a Friend program. It’s real simple, we’ll add an extra month to your membership for every person you get to join ArtistWorks. They’ll also get free month on their account too. Pretty good, right? 

refer a friend

refer a friend badge

Here’s how it works: just click on the Refer a Friend tab on the Dashboard which you’ll see on the left hand side. This is where you can find your special link to send to your friends to sign up here. It doesn’t matter which school they join, but they do need to use your link to complete the Refer a Friend process and get the extra month added. You can see how many free months you earn in the Refer a Friend area as well. You’ll also get the new Refer a Friend badge!

The more friends you refer, the more free time you get here! 

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Original Source: Refer Friends and Get Free Months at ArtistWorks!


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