First Ukulele Student Project: “In Your Hawaiian Way”

We just posted a great video for everyone to check out that features Craig & Sarah jamming with some ukulele students on the tune “In Your Hawaiian Way”. A handful of students here got together and found a way to make a video playing the same song at the same time. This involved them each recording separate videos of themselves playing to the backing track which Craig & Sarah recorded on a baritone tuned uke and bass. 

ukulele badgeThey did this all on their own initiave and it turned out fantastic! If you read their forum thread you can see some of the many important details being worked out, which there were many.

Special thanks goes out to Diane Nalini who mixed and edited all the videos into the finished track you can see and hear above. Also a big bravo from everyone at ArtistWorks goes out to the musicians: Boye, Thomas, Teko, Linus, Cindy, Michele, and of course Craig & Sarah! 

On a related note, we would like to open this opportunity to anyone here who would like to do something similar. With the new Messaging feature here, collaborating with other students just got easier. Any student who participates in one of these jams will be awarded the new Kanikapila badge for your profile. Let Customer Service know once you have something to share when it’s ready and we’ll post it here. Mahalo! 

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Original Source: First Ukulele Student Project: “In Your Hawaiian Way”


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