Exclusive: ArtistWorks Bluegrass All Stars Live at RockyGrass

bluegrass allstars live at rockygrass

Good News: We have some exclusive new videos for anyone in our bluegrass schools. It’s the ArtistWorks Bluegrass All Stars performing live at RockyGrass 2016!

The two songs are played back to back: “The Puppy Belly Dance” and “Fox Chase”. We also uploaded their performance of “State Line”.  There’s a fun impromptu dueling guitar portion between Michael Daves and Bryan Sutton in that one, very entertaining! After that Mike Block leads the gang in “Johnny B. Goode”.  Next we have their performance of “Chief Sitting in the Rain”. For anyone who plays mandolin, Mike Marshall teaches a great version of this in his school. 

Update: we just added the next song in this set, “I’m Blue, I’m Lonesome”. This is a classic bluegrass tune that Bill Monroe wrote with Hank Williams a long time ago. Michael Daves teaches how to sing both the lead and tenor vocal parts in multiple keys in his intermediate curriculum for those interested in adding this to your jam list.

You can find all this great exclusive content +Music section of the Learn area!

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Original Source: Exclusive: ArtistWorks Bluegrass All Stars Live at RockyGrass


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