Martin Taylor ‘In the Spirit of Django’


Django Reinhardt

The Scottish National Jazz Orchestra is delighted to welcome world renowned jazz guitarist Martin Taylor to perform the music of Django Reinhardt, one of the most perennially popular figures in jazz, for three concerts in Scotland this September.

There is no guitarist on the world stage today more capable of evoking the spirit of Django’s ageless music than Martin Taylor. He connects the golden age of Parisian Swing to the present day through a discography full of authentic gypsy jazz; acclaimed recordings with his Spirit of Django ensembles; and his extraordinary eleven year partnership with Reinhardt’s closest musical collaborator, Stéphane Grappelli.

Reinhardt became world-famous for his delightfully idiosyncratic jazz music, his unique style and his sheer artistry. Long after his passing, Django remains a hero to guitarists everywhere, and his wonderfully evergreen music never fails to reach into our hearts and lift our spirits.

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First Ukulele Student Project: “In Your Hawaiian Way”

We just posted a great video for everyone to check out that features Craig & Sarah jamming with some ukulele students on the tune “In Your Hawaiian Way”. A handful of students here got together and found a way to make a video playing the same song at the same time. This involved them each recording separate videos of themselves playing to the backing track which Craig & Sarah recorded on a baritone tuned uke and bass. 

ukulele badgeThey did this all on their own initiave and it turned out fantastic! If you read their forum thread you can see some of the many important details being worked out, which there were many.

Special thanks goes out to Diane Nalini who mixed and edited all the videos into the finished track you can see and hear above. Also a big bravo from everyone at ArtistWorks goes out to the musicians: Boye, Thomas, Teko, Linus, Cindy, Michele, and of course Craig & Sarah! 

On a related note, we would like to open this opportunity to anyone here who would like to do something similar. With the new Messaging feature here, collaborating with other students just got easier. Any student who participates in one of these jams will be awarded the new Kanikapila badge for your profile. Let Customer Service know once you have something to share when it’s ready and we’ll post it here. Mahalo! 

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Messaging is Here!

In case you haven’t noticed, there’s a new feature around town: Messaging. This comes as a special request from our online students to add more community features so we hope you enjoy communicating with each other! Messaging is going to open the doors for new conversations and connections with like minded ArtistWorks musicians around the world. Talk about the lessons, talk about the music, talk about whatever you want!


This is a first version “beta” launch to our Popular Piano and Ukulele schools only, so if you’re reading this now guess what? It’s for you! Also please note this version of Messaging is only available on a laptop or desktop computer.

We’ll be rolling out another version with added features soon, but let us know how you like this one first. Please send any feedback or questions to our Customer Service Team and be sure to tell us your Operating System and browser please. You can also email them at Have fun!

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ArtistWorks Live: Talking Jazz with John Patitucci

In this month’s episode of ArtistWorks Live, we were talking with our jazz bass teacher John Patitucci. He’s always up to something and it was interesting to learn more about his experiences as a professional musician. We had some great questions coming in, thanks to everyone who participated!

As always, we send out links to these in advance to our 12 month members so can tune in ask whatever questions they have. It’s always different, but always fun. Check it out, and see below for links to more episodes of ArtistWorks Live!

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Mandolin Lick of the Week: New Additions

mandolin lick of the week: bluegrass ending in g

Good News: We’ve compiled all the great “Lick of the Week” videos that Mike has been recording the past few months and put them into their own proper section in the Learn area! You’ll now see a new tab as its own section and we’ll continue to add more as long as Mike makes them. 

mandolin lessons: lick of the week

Here’s what’s in there now, and there’s more coming soon:

  • Bluegrass Ending in G
  • Descending Pedal Lick
  • A minor Over an A Major Chord
  • E String Pull-off Lick
  • 2-5-1 Chords
  • 8th Note 1-4-5 Scale Pattern
  • Closed Position Blues 
  • Triplets
  • The First 2 Frets
  • Classic tune: Key of C
  • Classic tune: Key of F
  • Classic tune: Key of G

Now you can submit your own version of any of these as a Video Exchange, just like you would for other lessons here. Give it a try

all of me performanceBonusWe’ve also extracted another great lesson Mike recently taught in a home message video on the very popular standard “All of Me” – we added that to the Additional Tunes & More section in the Learn area (click here)! 

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Refer Friends and Get Free Months at ArtistWorks!

Good News: we’re making it easier for you earn more time on your account here with our new and improved Refer a Friend program. It’s real simple, we’ll add an extra month to your membership for every person you get to join ArtistWorks. They’ll also get free month on their account too. Pretty good, right? 

refer a friend

refer a friend badge

Here’s how it works: just click on the Refer a Friend tab on the Dashboard which you’ll see on the left hand side. This is where you can find your special link to send to your friends to sign up here. It doesn’t matter which school they join, but they do need to use your link to complete the Refer a Friend process and get the extra month added. You can see how many free months you earn in the Refer a Friend area as well. You’ll also get the new Refer a Friend badge!

The more friends you refer, the more free time you get here! 

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