Mandolin Lick of the Week: New Additions

mandolin lick of the week: bluegrass ending in g

Good News: We’ve compiled all the great “Lick of the Week” videos that Mike has been recording the past few months and put them into their own proper section in the Learn area! You’ll now see a new tab as its own section and we’ll continue to add more as long as Mike makes them. 

mandolin lessons: lick of the week

Here’s what’s in there now, and there’s more coming soon:

  • Bluegrass Ending in G
  • Descending Pedal Lick
  • A minor Over an A Major Chord
  • E String Pull-off Lick
  • 2-5-1 Chords
  • 8th Note 1-4-5 Scale Pattern
  • Closed Position Blues 
  • Triplets
  • The First 2 Frets
  • Classic tune: Key of C
  • Classic tune: Key of F
  • Classic tune: Key of G

Now you can submit your own version of any of these as a Video Exchange, just like you would for other lessons here. Give it a try

all of me performanceBonusWe’ve also extracted another great lesson Mike recently taught in a home message video on the very popular standard “All of Me” – we added that to the Additional Tunes & More section in the Learn area (click here)! 

read more

Original Source: Mandolin Lick of the Week: New Additions


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